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To keep in mind: our group will not meet with any other group, we traveled throughout the tour in our MINIVAN.
It is an exclusive trip in group not superior to 6 people this allows us to provide our travelers a personalized attention.
Solotoscana does not sell a vacation package. It offers a unique experience.
Travels in a manner exclusive living the difference. Are you coming with us?


* transfer from the airport to the hotel.
* private throughout the trip Guide.
* private transfer available to the group in minivan
* 14 nights of hotel accommodation and breakfast
* Excursions: (san Gimignano) (Pisa) (Lucca) (Monteriggioni) (Pienza) (Montepulciano) (Cinque Terre) (Verona) Pitigliano (Padua)(Castellina in Chianti) (Napoes)
(Pompeii) (Island of Murano).
* Tastings:
Vino Nobile Montepulciano-wine Vernacca in San Gimignano-cheese Pecorino in Pienza.
* Tickets: (Florence), Galleria dell'Accademia, Santa María de Fiore, dome Brunelleschi, Giotto, Baptistry of St. John, Museum of the Duomo's Bell Tower. (Siena), Cathedral, Museum of opera, landscape of Facciatone, baptistery. (Pienza), Palazzo Piccolomini.En (Rome). Colosseum, Forum Imperial, Vatican and Sistine Chapel, guided walk through the city. (Milan), the Duomo, later walking tour around the city,(Venice), Palacio Ducal, Basilica of San Marcos. The tours are conducted with single Guide for our group,(also we will enjoy a 2-hour excursion by night (illuminated Rome)Rome. (Lucca), torre Guinigi
*Local guides who love of history and Archaeology: in Florence, Siena, Rome and Venice. We will have a guide that will tour the city with us and tell us their secrets and unique stories.
3 nights in Florence
2 Lucca
1 night in Milan
2 nights inVenice
2 nights Siena
4 nights Rome

*travel and cancellation insurance
*health insurance
*All not referred in"included".




Meeting with the Guide at the airport in Rome, presentation and depart towards the city of Florence. We will record us at the hotel, will make the first contact with the city and have a welcome dinner.


The morning we dedicate to know this city, Florence, cradle of the Italian Renaissance, city where the best artists of history left its traces. We will start by his heart the duomo of Florence, Santa Maria dei Fiore, is one of the largest in Christendom, the magnificent dome, masterpiece by Brunelleschi, the baptistery of St. John with its famous doors of paradise. Giotto's Bell Tower and the Museum of the Duomo. Then eat something light to make the most of time, we will make a panoramic tour of the city of Florence with a local guide, walk around the Piazza della Signoria, is the most important square in Florence, the Palazzo Vecchio, main body of the Republic Fiorentina and the Ponte Vecchio, it is a symbol of the city and is the most famous medieval bridge in the world. The rest of the afternoon off.


Today we begin the day soon, after breakfast, we will visit the Galleria dell'Accademia, where you will find some of the most important works of Miguel Ángel the "DAVID"will leave you speechless. After the visit in our Van, we will go up to the plaza de Miguel Ángel, Florence's most famous panoramic terrace. It was built in honor Miguel Ángel, by the architect Giuseppe Poggi, in the Centre a copy of DAVID is located. All the beauties of this Tuscan city can be seen from the square. We will visit the basilica of San Miniato, it has a very ancient origin, it is related to San Miniato the first martyr of the city. The Saint came to Florence about the year 250, during the persecutions of Christians, was beheaded and according to legend, after the execution, grabbed his head and took her to the hill where he was buried. Here they built a sanctuary and a chapel. The Basilica of Tuscan romantic style, a combination of white marble of carrara with the dark green serpentine. The rest of the afternoon off.


Today will soon have breakfast and depart in the group goes to a city that has its own marketing, Pisa, with its leaning tower. We will begin at the plaza of the Miracoli, declared world heritage of humanity (UNESCO). Visit to the cemetery, was destroyed in a bombing during the second world war, at the end of this renovated giving it its original appearance. The baptistery dates from the century Xl is the largest in Italy, Pisan Romanesque cathedral. We can make some very nice pictures with the Tower, then, we'll make a panoramic tour of the city. We will continue our path towards the town of Lucca, where prior to the tour, we will stop to eat and charging powers, to follow, we are in the city of "100 towers and 100 churches", discover because it bears that name. We will stroll through its cobbled streets will visit some of its numerous churches, the majestic Duomo of century Xl San Michele Church in Forum that stands out from the many other medieval churches, dotted around the city. We will visit the torre Guinigi is one of the most famous monuments in Lucca. We will continue to our hotel and you can relax. Night in the city of Florence for free.


Today we will dedicate the day to discover the Cinque Terre, 5 wonderful villages of great beauty, heritage of humanity (UNESCO). Small towns from a postcard, suspended between the Earth and the sea. We will go on our go to la Spezia, take a boat and enjoy some incredible views (depending on weather conditions) will take us to the first village Monterroso, where we will start the tour. Between peoples, we will go by train, the first Monterosso (it is the most populous), Vernazza (beautiful people sailor), Corniglia (is the highest town, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves), Manarola is the old, colorful and lively), (quiet Riomaggiore fishing village is a pleasure lost in its streets). Then at the end of the excursion lunch in a trattoria and we will return to our hotel to rest and charging powers to follow the next day, dinner for free.


This morning we will check-out, and we will go to the capital of fashion, Milan, commercial and industrial capital of Italy. We register ourselves to our hotel and then visit the Duomo of Milan. Previously was the Basilica of St. Ambrose, was built on this site at the beginning of the 5th century, to be added in the year 836 another basilica. In the year 1075, fire damaged both buildings, in the year 1386 began the construction of the duomo, ending it permanently in 1965. We continue the visit to Gallery Victorio Emanuele ll, is one of the commercial passages most beautiful in the world, designed in the century XlX. they will have the rest of the free time, to enjoy what offers the city.


Today we will go to Venice, heritage of humanity (UNESCO), we will make a stopover in the romantic city of Verona. The morning we dedicate to know this city, where the Arena, one of the most important of the Roman era amphitheaters and the largest after the Coliseum of Rome. We will visit the House of Juliet, this building dates from the Xlll century, called il Cappello (Palace of the Capulets) will continue exploring the city with a panoramic tour. After the visit, you will have free time to eat and wander through the beautiful streets of the city. After the lunch break, we will return to our Van to head towards Padua, famous for its University, founded in the year 1222. Galileo Galilei was a Professor of this University, also is its Basilica (San Antonio de Padua) which was built in the century Xlll to house the remains of the Portuguese religious, san Antonio de Lisboa, who died in Padua in the year 1231. We will visit the Prato delle Valle, is the largest square in Italy, surrounded by numerous statues of illustrious men. We will make a panoramic tour of the city centre. After the visit, we will continue to our hotel located in Mestre, we will make registration at the hotel and dinner for free.


In the morning we will go to the island of Venice. It consists of some 120 Islands and more than 300 bridges, one of the most famous is the Riatto bridge, is the oldest and most famous of Venice, built between 1588 and 1591; and the bridge of Sighs, named in this way because by the spent on death row.
We will begin at the plaza San Marcos, one of the most famous in the world where you will find the Ducal Palace, which was the seat of Government dates back to the year 1442, the campanile is the tallest building in the city, the views are breathtaking. The clock tower, built in 1496, Renaissance-style building designed by Mauro Codussi, the Basilica of San Marcos is impressive, the color that predominates in its interior is gold, under the altar supported by four columns of alabaster and marble, lie the remains of the Apostle San Marcos, his body was transferred from Alexandria and is the patron saint of the city. We meet a local guide who will accompany us for the most important visit to points of the city. We will visit the island of Murano, famous for its crystal. We can not leave Venice without stroll along its canals in a gondola, then you will benefit from for a snack on the island, preferred by Italians drink Spritz, dinner in Mestre.


After breakfast we will find at the reception, we will go to the city of Siena, but way we will enjoy other jewelry that offers our Tuscany. San Gimignano, heritage of humanity (UNESCO) where lunch in a beautiful Tuscan villa. We will visit their vineyards, they count us the wine process, visit its wineries. Then enjoy a typical meal accompanied by excellent wines, its reds and wine, Tuscan Star (white) Vernacca of san Gimignano, very good selection of wines. After lunch we will go to the center of the village. San Gimignano was very important in the middle ages, architectural art of the year 1300-1400 has in its streets, its towers, features of the village you can admire. Formerly there were 72 towers, 13, one of the oldest dates back to the year 1298 are preserved today, the Rognosa Tower. We will visit the town and the Piazza della Cisterna located in the Centre of the village. Advisable to sit on a terrace and taste their wine the Vernacca or an ice cream at the famous ice cream parlors of San Gimignano. The visit will follow to Castellina in Chianti, in the area of Chianti, a high Hill, dates back to the time of the Etruscans, who were the first producers of wine. We will go through the tunnel beneath the old city walls (via delle volte), we'll make a panoramic tour of this beautiful town. After the visit we will continue towards Monteriggioni, beautiful medieval town very well preserved, surrounded by its walls that allow us to go back in time, later we arrive at our hotel.


This morning, will visit the city of Siena. We will start by his heart, his romantic Gothic Cathedral (il Duomo di Siena), the baptistery, the Museum of the opera and the landscape of Facciatone, where you can see views of magnificent city. A guided walk around the city, tell us your story, we will visit the Piazza del Campo with the Torre del Mangia and Palazzo public old town of Siena. After the tour we will go to Montepulciano, first lunch in a cellar in the middle of the countryside, typical Tuscan dish. Then we will make a tour by the estate, the vineyards and canteen, we will taste wine Nobile. At the end of our Tous we will go to the center of the village where we will have a city tour with audio guide to see all the important points of the town. At the end of our day, we will return to the hotel in Siena.


After check-out, we will go to the great and eternal Rome, will make a scale in the town of Pienza, "ideal city", delicate combination of harmony and architectural beauty, home town of Pope Pio ll who rechristening the old City of Corsignano, Pienza name. Visit the Palazzo Piccolomini with its panoramic garden, walk through its streets and let us bring charm. After the visit we are marching to a local farm where we will taste the Pecorino cheese with a selection of local meats. Then we will follow to Pitigliano. In the year lX - Vlll BC appears civilization Etrusca, absolute owner of the region for several generations. The little Jerusalem, Pitigliano was called by the presence of a large Jewish community. In the second world war the Hebrews left the Tuscan city. Lunch for free, then we will meet and we will continue our trip. We will record us at our hotel and dinner for free.


After breakfast we will visit the Colosseum, the largest Amphitheater built during the Roman Empire. With almost 2000 years old you will be back in time, his favorite shows were the sample of exotic animals, executions of prisoners and the battles of gladiators. The Roman Forum was developed where the cultural and economic life of ancient Rome. In the century XVl already knew their existence, but the excavation was not performed until the 20th century. Then we will visit the Palatine Hill, the Palatine is considered the cradle of the Italian capital and it is believed that it was inhabited since 1000 BC. They are the three main archaeological groups which are preserved in the city of Rome, clear that there are many more, but they are the most visited of the city. You'll be amazed we will do everything with guide not to miss any detail. Rest of the day off will give them recommendations as you plan your free time.


Today dedicated to the Vatican, located in the heart of Rome, Vatican City is the smallest country in Europe. The Vatican Museums together. The largest collection of art of the Sistine Chapel Church, is a must-see place, in it you can see masterpieces of Miguel Ángel, Adam's creation and the final judgment. St. Peter's Basilica is the most important religious building in the world is home to the Holy See. Saint Peter's square located at the foot of the Basilica with the same name, it is the most beautiful square in the world, built in the 10th century by Bernini it can accommodate more 300,000 people. As the day before we will do so with guide and without having to queue. Then we will eat together and exchange experiences. Afternoon night will be the designated day for the excursion of Rome illuminated, beautiful.


Today we will give all the recommendations so that they can explore the eternal city for free. For those who prefer to explore a little more, we will make a trip to Naples and Pompeii
The tour is (€100 per person food and dinner included in the price).
When Vesuvius erupted, within a few hours most of the population died. The town was buried in ash. The city was not discovered until the year 1700 and today is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. After our visit we go to eat to charge energy for the next scale. Naples in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, will begin in the duomo of Naples dedicated to St. Januarius Patron Saint of the city. The Gallery Umberto the San Severo Chapel, where you will find the magnificent sculpture by the Neapolitan artist Giuseppe San Martino (veiled Christ)
We will walk along via Toledo, it bears the name of Viceroy Pedro de Toledo, who organized the city in S. XVl. At the end of dinner, clearly PIZZA!, after dinner we will go to Rome where we will spend our last night.


After breakfast at our hotel check-out we will, enjoy free time until the time agreed for the transfer to the airport.

For information:
By Phone: +34 966 103 493/617 479 133